Online Mixing and Mastering

Focus on creating great music, we will take care of the great mix.

Analog Charisma

Analog Charisma

Analog audio never ages. It is the essence of genuine and unique sound beauty.

Digital Precision

Digital Precision

High-resolution, flexibility, impressive dynamic range and infinite possibilities.

Vintage Flavor

Vintage Flavor

Even today, the warm, pleasant and colorful tonal character of electronic tubes is a real treat for the senses.


Podcast Mastering

Fascinating audio quality has the power enlarge the impact of your great stories, ideas and the message that you deliver.

Music Mixing

Behind every great song is a great mix.
A great mix brings out the best in a song, it makes it sound great, it makes people want to listen to it again and again.

Mastering for YouTube Videos

There is no substitute for great content and confident acting but world-class audio will grant your production a rare charm.



Fine-tuning the delicate level and timbre relationship of the instruments



Making sure there’s nothing that sounds bad



Bringing the best out of the individual instruments and sounds



Making the instruments fit together



Creating depth and dimension in the song

Our greatest ability is helping you deliver the emotional context of your audio, enhance its mood and the emotions it inspires.
We craft with high-end vintage equipment, add personal touch and devotion, and know what it takes for a great sound.


Podcast Mastering - contact us

Mastering for YouTube - contact us

Audio Mixing and Mastering

Personalized pricing

contact us for a quote

  • + Up to 64 tracks
  • + 5 free revisions
  • + 5 days turnaround
  • + Analog compression
  • + Analog EQ
  • + Analog sweetening
  • + Hardware reverb
  • + Editing
  • + Guitar re-amping
  • + Vocal pitch-correction
  • + Drum replacement
  • + Physical Master CD (on demand)
  • + Six months project backup

For special requests please contact us.

FREE complementary mastering with every song.


ADAM A7X monitor speakers
beyerdynamic DT 770 PRO headphones

audio converter:
RME Fireface UC

SPL Vitalizer MK2 analog enhancer
TC Finalizer Express mastering processor
w/ Burr-Brown DAC and ADC
Klark Teknik 76-KT classic analog FET compressor
ART Pro-VLA II analog opto-tube compressor
w/ Röhrenwerk Mühlhausen military tubes
dbx 166XL analog VCA compressor
Lexicon PCM80 hardware reverb
w/ the legendary LexiChip2

TDR Kotelnikov mastering compressor
Ozone 9 Advanced mastering suite
RX 9 Standard audio repair suite
bx_console SSL 4000 G console emulation
Acustica TAN mastering compressor
Dangerous Music BAX EQ mastering equalizer
IK White 2A leveling amplifier
IK Quad Comp multiband compressor
NI SUPERCHARGER tube compressor
elysia mpressor modern compressor
Toneboosters Equalizer 4 surgical equalizer
TDR Nova parallel equalizer
Kazrog True Iron transformer simulator
Softube Tape analog tape simulator
NI Driver cruncher
NI Guitar Rig virtual guitar rig
Softube TSAR-1R algorithmic reverb
Exponential Audio PhoenixVerb algorithmic reverb
NI Replika essential delay
NI Phasis phaser
Klanghelm MJUC jr. vari-tube compressor
Satson console emulation
Waves Sibilance de-esser
Waves Tune vocal pitch correction


acoustic treatment:
handcrafted 75kg/m³ acoustic panels and insulation
custom audio diffuser
IsoAcoustics decoupling speaker stands

HP Z600
2x Intel Xeon, 2x6 cores, 24 GB RAM

handcrafted SCHULZ-KABEL Germany

misc. gear:
Native Instruments Komplete 11 production bundle
Yamaha Motif 6 Music Production Synthesizer
2x Technics SL-1210mk5 turntables
Akai S2800 classic digital sampler

All units are serviced regularly, using high-end electronic components, chemicals and tools.


Meet Milen Milanov (aka Darkstep) - an award­-winning sound engineer, producer and composer. Milen brings more than 20 years’ experience of composing, recording, mixing and mastering various music styles for a number of talented artists, production companies and international brands.

As a founder of InTheBox, he is committed to bringing world-class sound to your music, with great attention to detail and a holistic approach.

A true audio craftsman and a passionate analog hardware fanatic, he will add that secret sauce to your production to achieve the rich and beautiful sound you’re looking for.

view his profile on

Milen Milanov on LinkedIn


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